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Case Studies > Emergency Escape Route from Roof Plant Area

chuteThe Problem
Architects designing a Supermarket required an Emergency Escape Route from the Plant Area on the roof of the supermarket.

The escape route had to be secure against intruders, unobtrusive and fully compliant. A vertical ladder with a safety cage was ruled out as being easily climbed and therefore not secure.

The Solution

After discussions with the client, Lymore Ltd suggested the retractable top locking "Ladder-X-It" as the basic means of descent.

However, with any vertical ladder it is mandatory to have a safety cage above 2500, but a cage is not secure against being climbed and is difficult to fix in place on a clad building. In place of a safety cage Lymore Ltd suggested the use of the Davy Descender as the means of emergency descent control for the escapee. The Davy Descender was suspended from a "gibbet" attached to the ladder top support, the sling/harness being worn to provide emergency Descent Control for any escapee.

This proved to be an economical, secure and elegant solution, which met the current concern for Health and Safety.

This combination has since found regular use both inside and out.